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  • Welcome to the Waiting Room.
  • Latest Updates:
    Custom Guitars.
    Annual update.
    Hello world!
  • Welcome to the Waiting Room.
  • Latest Uploads:
    Over Drive

Custom Guitars.

Written by Shane Strife on . Posted in The Waiting Room

Early morning, got bored. So I designed some fretless guitars and matching fretless basses from Halo Custom Guitars´╗┐. What do you think of the designs?

I’d actually want the guitars to be 10-string and the bass to be 7-string (I don’t know if they have that option on the site) but you can’t preview designs on the 10-string portion yet. :(

I’d also prefer the blue to have a burst, but as far as I know, that needs to be stated in the special instructions so you can’t preview it.

Some stuff not shown: Strap Locks, Kill Switch, Locking Output Jack, Luminlay Side Markers.

What would you make? http://www.haloguitars.com/store/Halo-Custom-Shop/
Maple Merus Mahagony Guitar.
Maple Merus Blue Guitar.
Maple Merus Mahagony Bass.
Maple Merus Blue Bass.

Edit: With the update of the guitar customisation tool, it’s not possible to add a burst. :) Still can’t preview 10-string selections yet, though. :(

Annual update.

Written by Shane Strife on . Posted in The Waiting Room

I say that jokingly. I’m very bad about updating my front page, but there are songs constantly being updated on here. Sometimes, I forget to even change the ones that are updated so everyone knows what’s changing and what’s not. I’m bad. I know. I’m sorry.

As you may have noticed, I did do a change over to WordPress. It’s not that bad of a change, but I’m still getting used to it. I haven’t seen any activity, but to be fair, I’m not doing anything really noteworthy either. As a CMS, I’d say it’s doing alright. I’ll probably start doing some HTML 5 streaming on the site somewhat soon. Hopefully that will alleviate a lot of the issues people have streaming to my site.

So, what else is new? Well, Gestahlt is no more. In fact, I probably really need to rewrite my whole “About me” page. Liam and I decided to condense projects and can Gestahlt and Totenkreuz. I ended up with the Totenkreuz songs and he ended up with the Gestahlt songs. We recorded and released his album, Dogma, in June which is comprised of a lot of the old songs. I did the drums, bass and guitars on it as well as his production. You can check it out on his Bandcamp.

In some other news, I have two guitars being worked on right now. Namely, Hello Kitty and the good ol’ Ibanez RG170DX that KT and Tyler gave me for my 17th birthday. They are in the care of Mills Custom Guitars. Give him a like on Facebook and subscribe on YouTube.

Expect a new album of original material when they’re complete, alongside a complete reworking of the Doom soundtracks, the Operation Serpent soundtrack and a couple of other projects in the future.

Down, but not out.

Written by Shane Strife on . Posted in The Waiting Room

This is the post no one ever wants to write. Ever. This is the post I hope none of my fellow creative minds will ever have to write. Everything is gone.

Yes, gone into the abyss of corrupted hard drive failure and irretrievable clusters. Lost in a void of ones and zeroes that don't make any sense. It's all gone.

So, what do you do from this point? Well, you rebuild! You have to bounce back, better than ever before. Believe me, everyone. That is what will happen.

From my personal project to every project I worked on. I will do it all again. It took me six years to get this far. Let's see if we can get it all back. This isn't my goodbye to music, nor is it something I'll just give up on. This will happen.

I'm so sorry, everyone. I will bring it back.



Written by Shane Strife on . Posted in The Waiting Room

My old recordings piss me off. They really do. They all sound bad, are poorly mixed and have terrible guitar tones. However, I did some pretty decent playing sometimes. This is the case of KURIKINTON FOX covers.

After this solo project switched from being electronic to rock, I did covers of three of KURIKINTON FOX's songs. A few of my first songs were a John 5 cover, a couple of redone Crazy 8 songs and a few Final Fantasy requests. Once I discovered KURIKINTON FOX, I kept up on his site (despite not knowing any Japanese. Thanks, Google <3). He eventually posted some backing tracks and tabs for other guitar players to take stabs at his songs, so I did.

At the time, my recording experience wasn't quite up to where it is now. It was basically me running a Roland Cube directly into my mic port and playing through the songs. I worked with what I had, and I was pretty satisfied with the results at the time.

Upon reflection, the Cube doesn't necessarily have the prettiest tone. So, in this release, I fixed up the tone a bit with AmpliTube, some EQing and saturation. I also attempted to get the sound more balanced.

Take it for what it is and enjoy some four year old classics.

The updates can all be found on the albums page.

Updated Songs:

  • A Hyrule Fantasy
  • Over Drive
  • Ride On The Sky
  • Sonicboy
  • The Genius Of Dr. Robotnik

SOPA Tweets.

Written by Shane Strife on . Posted in The Waiting Room

You may have noticed an explosion from me about SOPA on Twitter and Facebook last night. If you're an individual too smart to have Facebook and/or Twitter, don't worry. Here all of the Tweets:

Bring in the nerds. #StopSOPA #OPEN

RT @FreezingInferno: Is that SOPA bullshit getting talked about by Americans today? Don't pass that ridiculous fucking law. #StopSOPA

Lol. Government vs. Malware. #StopSOPA #OPEN


"This is a catastrophe." Need I say more? #StopSOPA #OPEN

RT @ChipCheezum: old person equated internet to a pawn shop

"Sir, kindly STFU." #StopSOPA #OPEN

RT @ChipCheezum: consarnit this flagnabbin' innernet is just to blasted complicated, now how about we vote on this hootinanny eh?!

Maybe I should rob a bank then give the money back. That won't cause any problems. #StopSOPA #OPEN

RT @ChipCheezum: oh my god a guy who actually said "i think we don't know anything about the internet"



RT @ChipCheezum: so basically what he said was that he's ignorant to a lot of things but who gives a fuck

RT @ChipCheezum: lol, lady gets the mic and goes "god damn this is gonna take a long time, i don't wanna be here"

Your reason for passing the bill is because you don't want to sit around to hear about it? #StopSOPA #OPEN

Oh, I guess robbing the bank and giving the money back ISN'T a good idea. #StopSOPA #OPEN

Yeah, I don't know what this bill means. Let's just pass it and fix it up later. #StopSOPA #OPEN

Okay, get the time machine and delete what she said. #StopSOPA #OPEN


RT @ChipCheezum: lol i.imgur.com/zyr04.png

Uh oh, the audio cut out, but I think I can make out what they're saying, "WAHWAHWAH Hollywood gave me $50,000." #StopSOPA #OPEN

RT @DeadCrescendo: People who "don't care" about this bill debate are the same kind of people who did stupid shit like voting in Obama.

RT @ChipCheezum: government comes to a full stop in order to get huffy about a tweet

In other words, he just admitted this is as futile as arresting everyone who records TV on a DVR. #StopSOPA #OPEN

And this will prevent foreign countries from pirating our content how? #StopSOPA #OPEN

Uh oh. #StopSOPA #OPEN

I guess when China blocked the internet, its biggest bitch, America, would soon follow. Google, consider yourselves closed. #StopSOPA #OPEN


Yeah, Google. Doing your job according to the DMCA within six hours approximately 5,000,000 times. You're so lazy. #StopSOPA #OPEN

The movie industry and recording industry who are paying out the nose to crooked politicians for this bill to pass. #StopSOPA #OPEN

Oh, and you guys are qualified to determine when blocking a DNS is feasable? You guys who didn't know what an ISP was? #StopSOPA #OPEN

"I'M BAAACK!!" That was creepy. #StopSOPA #OPEN

I swear my Tweet count has doubled since this #SOPA shit started. #StopSOPA #OPEN


"Today, there are no countries!" #okayiwasjustquotingoutofcontextcosithoughtitwouldbefunny

#StopSOPA for a second. I gotta take a shit.

China's untrustworthy!? Since when!? #StopSOPA #OPEN

What you're saying is I should move out of America? #wellokaythen #StopSOPA #OPEN

Since when have our presidential administrations cared about how we spend our money? #billclinton #oh #StopSOPA #OPEN

I liked it better when my biggest political worry was how good Monica Lewinsky's dry cleaner was.

Hey, man, if you block the porn on the internet we won't have any internet left!! #StopSOPA #OPEN

It's gonna be 20 Nos against 10 or 11 Is. I get it. #patterns #StopSOPA #OPEN

#SoYouWouldRather be ignorant than pay attention to things that will stop you from using the internet how you expect it? #StopSOPA #OPEN

Today, I learned that at least 20 people are being bought. #StopSOPA #OPEN

Those twenty people are going to hate it when they realise they blocked all the porn they look at during hearings. #StopSOPA #OPEN

Pirating the shits that Hollywood take is a matter of national security. #firstworldproblems #StopSOPA #OPEN

This just made me realise that the film industry think they produce stuff worth protecting. #truthhurts

Don't worry, film industry, I never pirated anything you made. I actually have quality standards.

Seize a hip-hop blog? What would they be posting that would be worth pirating? #StopSOPA #OPEN

So, in other words, we're passing a bill because the film and record industries are too lazy and ignorant to deal with their own problems?

I propose a bill that says everyone must give me a dollar for every minute I have to spend away from my porn cos #SOPA banned it all.

Ten to fifteen percent of internet searches AREN'T for porn. #youvegotitbackwards

My tax dollars won't be used for porn. That's what my personal dollars are for…unless you agree to pay for strippers. #StopSOPA #OPEN

At least porn's more tasteful than Hollywood. #hardtruth #StopSOPA #OPEN

Did you even listen to what was being said? #StopSOPA #OPEN

No it's not. 99% of everything is porn. #easystatistics #StopSOPA #OPEN

So, in other words, anyone who is prepared, informative and reasonable is automatically rejected in our government. #StopSOPA #OPEN

Yeah, I'd rather vote for people who stumble around in their speech, talk in circles and have no idea what's going on too. #StopSOPA #OPEN

"Wait… what's going on?" "I don't know, some internet piracy or something." #SOPA


Welcome to Communist America.

RT @ChipCheezum: let's get some NERDS i.imgur.com/7NqfY.png

Come join #SOPA… we've got three different kinds of pizza… #cometothedarkside

RT @ChipCheezum: pizza?! pizza?! did somebody say… pizza?!

RT @ChipCheezum: everyone perks up when the chairman mentions THREE types of pizza

The pizza was no doubt a ploy to make the Ninja Turtles pro #SOPA.


I demand that HORSE the band perform the whole Pizza EP on the floor so that I won't keep falling asleep. #SOPA

RT @RyanCHast: #SOPA was CRIPPLED BY PIZZA! #horsetheband

Is that guy drinking water by the pitcher? #hesgotmebeat #StopSOPA #OPEN

"US presedence? As in someone who's a US President?" Is this REALLY how smart #SOPA is? #StopSOPA #OPEN

"The Uniting States." This is pro #SOPA. #StopSOPA #OPEN

I like watching Congress act like preteens. #StopSOPA #OPEN

You fools. You never expected that the internet would copyright the internet!! #zomgwtf #boom

Face facts: You will NEVER have 100% protection against piracy. #SOPAdoesntknowthebuttons

Well, at least I'll get to reminisce with my grandchildren about a time when the internet was a beautiful, free place before #SOPA. #senile

Gun Metal release and December updates.

Written by Shane Strife on . Posted in The Waiting Room

What better way to kick off the month than with some new tracks? First, we have Gun Metal, complete at last. It's available on the albums page. Credits go to Jay Reichard for sequencing all of the original Top Gun: The Second Mission MIDIs and Lewis Thomas for sequencing all of the original Top Gun MIDIs.

The next updates can all be found on the miscellaneous page.

New Songs:

  • Retroghost
  • Saying Something Is The Same As Saying Nothing
  • Terminal Velocity
  • The Song That Shall Not Be Named

Updated Songs:

  • The Governator
  • Werewolf: The Last Warrior
  • Wild Coil

Does anyone remember Canyon.mid?

Written by Shane Strife on . Posted in The Waiting Room

Oh, come on, you've got to. It was one of five songs (that I can recall) that were included with Windows installations since Windows 3 up until Windows 2000. One Stop, Flourish and Town remained until Windows XP.

It used to be a popular craze to render the songs using your MIDI sequencer to compare with everyone else. I decided to bring back this blast from the past and release my render of all of the songs that I still happened to have.

Download C:/WINDOWS/Media/.

See? I'm clever. I named it after the path where you would find the MIDIs. Unless you were on WinNT. No one cares about that.

Trip Through The Grand Canyon – Original MIDI by George Stone
Flourish – Original MIDI by Nathan Grigg
Passport Please – Original MIDI by George Stone
Town – Original MIDI by Nathan Grigg
One Stop – Original MIDI by David Yackley

If anyone has anymore obscure MIDIs from Windows installations, you should tell me.