Absolute Zero.

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I read somewhere that you NEED a good guitar for a good tone. Let me see how true that is. For this song, I used my nephew’s First Act starter guitar (model ME538). You can buy this guitar for $30. Outside of putting on some D’addario XLs and setting it up, this guitar is completely stock.

The song was picked by him. I asked him what he’d like me to record, and he said Zero’s themes. I made a medley of Zero’s themes from Mega Man X to Mega Man X6 in this order: X2, X3, X, X4, X5 (keyboard solo), X5, X4 (guitar solo), X6.

Now, I usually use a Dual Rectifier to record. So, in keeping with the theme of an inexpensive setup, I used Le456 (a free amp sim), LeCab 2 (a free cab sim) with the Critical Cab impulses ($5).

So, what do you think? Do you need an expensive guitar for good tone? Or can you work within your limits and trust your ears?

Art by Dustin Walker (http://dustinwalkerart.deviantart.com/).
Drums by Jacob Minyard (https://soundcloud.com/vp-ofthe-moon)

Critical Cabs – http://www.criticalcabs.com/
Le456 – http://lepouplugins.blogspot.com/2009/10/le456.html
LeCab – http://lepouplugins.blogspot.com/2010/12/lecab2-vst-for-windows.html

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