Custom Guitars.

Early morning, got bored. So I designed some fretless guitars and matching fretless basses from Halo Custom Guitars. What do you think of the designs?

I’d actually want the guitars to be 10-string and the bass to be 7-string (I don’t know if they have that option on the site) but you can’t preview designs on the 10-string portion yet. :(

I’d also prefer the blue to have a burst, but as far as I know, that needs to be stated in the special instructions so you can’t preview it.

Some stuff not shown: Strap Locks, Kill Switch, Locking Output Jack, Luminlay Side Markers.

What would you make? //

Maple Merus Mahagony Guitar.Maple Merus Blue Guitar.

Maple Merus Mahagony Bass.Maple Merus Blue Bass.

Edit: With the update of the guitar customisation tool, it’s now possible to add a burst. :) Still can’t preview 10-string selections yet, though. :(

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