Hey, everyone. As per usual, I’ve been doing things and not writing about them. So I’d like to take a moment to update everyone on what’s been going on with the site and the music.

First of all, you may have noticed we’ve reverted back to the original layout. I’m working on understanding how to implement WordPress into completely custom themes. The original layout was very lightweight and easy to experiment with. So far, all of the features have functioned normally. I’m going to open registrations soon and hopefully that will allow you all to engage with the posts on the site again.

I’ve moved the bloggy posts over to Rambusco, keeping the Waiting Room strictly about my music. If you want to read my rants, go over there. I guess this was just a way so I don’t alienate anyone away from the music here, since that’s what’s more important.

I’ve not been working on many art projects, like usual. I will fix the page and probably not bother separating it by year anymore. I don’t think I do enough to where that even matters. I do have some newer pieces I want to post.

No new game projects have been worked on. Although I’ve thought about possibly using Flash for the games on the site instead of Vitalize! to make them more cross-platform friendly. We’ll see how it goes when I get back into it.

Now, for the big one. The music stuff. First, I’d like to say that I’m currently in the process of working out another custom guitar with Mills Custom Guitars. We’re probably going to write a duet to show the axes off. He’s also going to be making a video about this build. I’d love to show it off to you guys when it’s done. :)

I’m also considering making a short neoclassical metal release similar to the Solfeggietto one I put together to show off the custom. If you’d be interested in something like that or have suggestions of what you’d want to hear, feel free to let me know!

The Doom re-recordings are not abandoned. If you look at the ZDoom post, it’s been about 4 years since I’ve updated it. Yes, I do want to finish the project. In the mean time, my buddy Andrew Hulshult has been putting together an awesome Doom remix album called IDKFA. I’d recommend checking his out if you’re itching for a metal Doom soundtrack.

BattleToads X re-recordings will probably be worked on sometime after Doom. I’ve appreciated all the feedback I’ve gotten over the years and would love to implement some of the suggestions into the re-release you all have given me.

I mentioned a while ago I was working on a Ninja Turtles remix album called Pizza Power. While I don’t plan on abandoning the idea, it’s definitely gone on hiatus in favour of working on album comprised of older songs that didn’t have an official release. I’m still on the search for a singer for the album, but as soon as there’s a demo or something available, I’ll come back with an udpate.

Speaking of singers, Jacob Minyard and I are still working on our djent project. We’re still scouting for a vocalist for that too, but our track list is ever expanding. We’re going to be putting a song together for Nintendocore Lives’ Super Smash Bros. compilation. That drop should be happening in a few months. We’re also looking at putting out a single, an EP and an album for the project.

Videos are still a way off. I want to get a decent camera and a backdrop for the videos. I might look at making some streaming videos for the YouTube audience which will probably be cross posted here. We’ll see when the time comes.

Hopefully, I’ll get back on the music making game very soon. I’ll keep everyone here and on Facebook updated. My Twitter is still just a mess, though. Thanks for your patience, everyone. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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