BattleToads X.

After four months of writing and two weeks of recording, it's finally here! Okay, so maybe that's not too long, but it still felt like a long wait to me.

Karnath's Lair – Original MIDI by Teck
Volkmire's Inferno – Original MIDI by Teck
Rat Race – Original MIDI by Sivak Drac
Rat Rocket – Original MIDI by Joseph Collins
Darkling – Original MIDI by Simon
Wicked Wurm – Original MIDI by Joseph Collins
Turbo Tunnels II – Original MIDI by Andy Bower
Dominoes – Original MIDI by Stockman
Ride The Roller Coaster – Original MIDI by Stockman
The Tower Of Shadows – Original MIDI by Stockman
Pins And Fire – Original MIDI by Joseph Collins
The Dark Queen's Wake – Original MIDI by Malice X and Joseph Collins
Battlemaniacs – Original MIDI by Stockman
Thanks to Joseph Collins for bringing this to my attention. My apologies and I hope everything's cool guys!

Szabo over at The World Of BattleToads agreed to host the BattleToads X tracks on his own website along with links to The Waiting Room (along with other fabulous websites of course). Thanks bunches, Szabo!

Core Media.

From: Shea Rachwitz
To: Shane Strife

My name is Shea Rachwitz with Core Media located in San Antonio, Texas. We're a full service CD and DVD manufacturer, packaging, printing, fulfillment and video production company. We can also provide you with posters, fliers and displays. This email could quite possibly save you lots of stress and money. We are currently offering a discounted bundle package for $1290. It includes:

  • 24 shirts
  • 1,000 fully packaged retail ready CD's
  • 300 11X17 posters


Our clients range from names like Jack Ingram, Vallejo, Little River Band, ESPN, Apple Computer, Seiko, Jimmy Houston Outdoors and FOX Family Films to hundreds of speakers, independent artists, bands, studios, ministries and churches nationwide. Our customer service is high priority and our prices are some of the lowest found in the CD/DVD Industry.

I'd love the opportunity to work with you. Feel free to call anytime toll free X-XXX-XXX-XXXX or email me at [email protected] Take advantage of this incredible deal!! I look forward to hearing from you.

Shea Rachwitz

Sharkis (03.09.2009 18:25:31): but dude, $1290, that's like chump change

From: Shane Strife
To: Shea Rachwitz

I'm flattered by your offer, but I must politely decline. I produce music with no plans to generate an immediate return, thus I don't think your package would apply to what I'm doing.



Sonic Robo Blast 2.

SRB2 v2.0 is now available.

Why 2.0?

So many changes have been made to SRB2 in the past three years (can you believe it's been that long since the last release?), and since this version is NOT backwards-compatible at all with previous SRB2 versions, I feel it warrants a version upgrade. The game now has a fully completable single player campaign. It isn't finished, but does look polished. There are scads of other changes, but to list them would be exhausting. I hope we've exceeded most people's expectations on what SRB2 is capable of – it certainly has mine!

As you may or may not know, over the past year I assembled a team of very talented individuals to work on SRB2 that became known as the "Sky Sanctuary Team". Their work is very much apparent in this release today.

I have also given the SRB2.Org domain and control of the website to Alam and Logan, while Orospakr runs the code repositories and bug tracking.

I no longer have any critical control over SRB2's development. With a wife in tow and a baby on the way, I need to start thinking about other priorities in my life. Spazzo will likely handle any news updates and small site maintenance from here on out, with Mystic overseeing day-to-day development operations. Like him or not, with Mystic in control, I am confident that SRB2 can be completed to its original vision and not get mired in the cruft and indecision that plagues so many fan games.

Thanks for 11 crazy years!


Download SRB2 v2.0 here.

Download Music DTA with the OST here.

Rest In Peace.

Today, several generations lost their childhood icons as the multiple Golden Globe and Emmy-nominated American actress Ferrah Fawcett and the King Of Pop Michael Jackson tragically passed away.

Farrah Fawcett died in a Santa Monica hospital. She was 62 and had been battling cancer. Michael Jackson died after suffering a heart attack. He was 50.

Jackson had become a subject of debate and ridicule, and has been involved in one of the biggest scandals in history, but remember: his legacy revolutionised music. He was the King Of Pop worldwide, the first black man to perform on MTV and never forget: He made Thriller. But what do people think about first? Life can be so cruel.

When I heard the news of him being rushed to the hospital, I thought the worst. However, he had been in the hospital before and came out fine, I hoped this wouldn't be any different. Nothing prepared me for the outcome that happened today.

As a kid, I grew up with Michael Jackson. My brother, my sister and I had always loved his music. I would watch his music videos and his movies and I even got Michael Jackson's Moonwalker for the Sega Genesis when it came out. Jackson has a special place in all of our hearts, and he's the reason I started to take in interest in music.

Every kid at school wanted to be Michael Jackson. They wanted to sing like him, they wanted to dance like him and I was no different. Years later, though, Jackson got charged with child molestation. I didn't believe he did it then and I don't believe it now. When his court case took place in Santa Maria I went to support him along with many students from my high school. Sadly, his reputation quickly deteriorated and a childhood hero quickly became a laughing stock.

During the news reports of Jackson in the hospital, people were showing that, even his final moments on Earth would be filled with nothing but hateful comments. But I will never forget Michael Jackson we grew up with. His music, his talent, his dances, his videos, I can't believe that the King Of Pop is gone.

He will never be truly be gone though. His music, his legacy will live on in us and for generations to come. His spirit will live forever in his music, and the music of those he has inspired. The world has lost a great man and a great entertainer. He will be missed by all of us. Rest In Peace Michael Jackson, one day may all of us, your fans, meet you in Heaven.

Beat It (Tribute To Michael Jackson).


From: Mikhail Gee
To: Shane Strife
Hey, checked out your music and I liked it!

So you're our next featured artist on ZeBOX, starting tomorrow, SundayApril 19, 09.

Thanks for the great music!



So, I go to check my email today and I have an email from ZeBOX manager, Mikhail Gee. I had a problem with a filename on ZeBOX and Gee had helped me rectify it. The night after I sent him a thanks, he had sent the above e-mail.

For those of you who don't know, ZeBOX is an internet music engine that is artist driven. The site went online in September, 1999. Musician and web enthusiast, Mikhail Gee was enlisted to manage the site. The site has been home to over five thousand artists to date and also housed the popular MegaMan remix duo, Project X.

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